ninja turtles.


When I was a kid, watching the ninja turtles run through the town, guided by their wolf master and beating down ruffians was The highlight of my day. We sisters would each chose a ninja based on some weird link between us. My eldest sis always chose Raphael, somehow the red colour and his aggressive fighter characteristics seemingly her own. My second sister loved Michaelangelo. His weapon was unique, just like her, adventurous and a food lover.  I would simply chose Leo, because he was a better fighter than Donatello. Needless to say, tackling down evil was the stuff we strong girls were made of. I have to say, leo was my favourite because his mask was blue. But whenever my eldest sis decided to chose leo (he was the leader after all), I would chose rafael, and neither of us ever chose the calm, non fighter Donatello. It just goes to show how much of ourselves we genuinely find in our childhood, and promptly forget or ignore it.

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