kaise mujhe tum milgaye..


i llift up my gaze,

and see, the bright lights

and i know, i’m where i’ve wanted to be,

shining brighter and brighter, in the realms of my dreams

there is no place like this

i’m stronger, i’m lighter

i’m here cuz i’m a fighter,

and i’ll make it to the end of the day,

running, my head held high,

quietly walking, my breaths synchronized

and here it is that i shine,

everyone i love around me, happy, at peace,

my sister running, her carefree laughter deep and true,

my mom dancing with my dad, their true love shining through the clouds of happiness,

my brother and my baby sis, playing, calling out to us,

my sister, beautiful and confident,

all of us, truly happy, truly loved,

no hatred, no disease, no arthritis, no one obese,

no confusion or pain, no doubts, no hope slain,

our beautiful home, brighter, with the sweetest gardens, and a river, flowing right by our feet,

that is my dream.

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