I am afraid..


Afraid that I liked this rishta too much.

Afraid that there might not be anyone I like as much.

Afraid of the uncertainty of the future.

Afraid that his parents didn’t like me enough to come back.

Afraid that his parents will see me and not like me enough to proceed.

Afraid that if this doesn’t happen, I’ll be sad.

Afraid that I might make this the ultimate rishta and measure everyone else against it.

Afraid that I might not be able to let go, which has always been my biggest problem.

Afraid that no matter what happens in the future, this hope that stemmed from this rishta might be too much to remember and too much to forget.

Afraid that I won’t get another rishta like this.

Afraid of what the future holds career wise.

Afraid of failing appg.

Afraid of not being able to study. .

Afraid of the indecisveness I feel when it comes to studying. 

Afraid if my inability to study. 

I am afraid.  I’m afraid that I’m afraid, its making me nervous because I never knew I’d be on this threshold, not knowing what to do.


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