moms looking for other rishte


can’t i get someone i’ve dreamt about for all these years? a perfect rishta, that was the perfectest rishta. n they won’t call until after june, and we won’t ask wsup bcuz it looks desperate.

they haven’t followed up, just the most basic questions and nothing else. 

so what do i do?


except for his name. everything was great. one meeting and that’s all there ever waS? 

why did u let me meet him then Allah taala? if this wasn’t going to go any further? 

why do i have such episodes happen to me?


i crushed on him for three days, i got over it, but now, he has set the bar high. even without saying he likes me. if he says he likes me, i would obviously be positive in this. but as i know nothing about how they think or how they are thinking, i’m lost for thought.

if they don’t like me, they won’t meet us in june. but that’s a long way toward closure. 

until then, i can’t move on from this rishta. atleast if i know its a NO, ill simply put myself down n get on the train for lesser people rishtas.

i’ll know then for a fact that he’s not in my league. bcuz i srssly don’t know which league i am in.

mom is looking at a rishta that is the exact opp of MZK’s. this rishta guy is short, stout, looks like shabbu mama of all the ppl in the world, is doing MS ortho, plenty rich, and volunteers at hajj house. n knows dad. n dad knows him. n likes him. he is the gu who gave us the tayammum packs apparerntly.


so where are you Allah taala? im so lost,

why dangle an amazing looking guy with an amazing profile before me and then take it back just when i was warming up to it?

plz help me allah taala. plz send me a sign. A dream.. anything. 

i hate him, mzk that’s who. why did he come to see me? idiot. moron. 227 scoring-usmle-cleared IMBECILE. hate him and his family and everyone else involved with this.


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