Just told me that abdullah Ansari-the-guy-who-never-came-back is a consultant cardiologist at shadan. N apparently he’s studying pharma just on the side to strengthen his subject. 

Masroor found out.

May I just say, it took us almost a year to find out what his intentions were with pharma?! Lol

I dunno what to say. I know I’m holding out for the rishta that said they’ll follow up after june..but I also know that the chances of them actually liking me are just that, a chance. And if that doesn’t work out..m going to be disappointed. And then I wll get back to wondering if the ansari guy was the one for me..

But I also know that mom said there’s noway she’s gonna restart that rishta unless they do perhaps.  And that can only happen if Allah wills.

So I should just focus on Allah taala and myself and just let all other things be.



I want to say….where art tho, mzk? But srsly. No. M not holding out. No expectations. Nil. Nada. ZILCH. 


END of story.

Zipped lips.

No talking…no, not even thinking about it.


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