what’s the date? oh yeah 2nd june ’14.


Which also happens to be telengana formation day btw. 

THE weirdest day today. N somehow unluckily, I was caught in the middle of it. I feel violent and angry and stupid.  

Dad came home and was talking about his day and he let it slip that the other day was his birthday which no one remembered ofcourse. Because no one cares whether “mai jiyu ya maru” his words exactly.

After which started mom’s anger saying when have you wished me and blah blah blah. And forget about cooking we shall go out today and spend bcuz if she had been a spending woman then he wudve been on the straight and narrow bcuz only wmen who torture thier husbands have their husbands on the straight and narrow and all such crap.

Then dad went to sleep and we asked mom why bother pushing us to marriage when she is always so unhappy. And a whole lecture ensued and whatever.

Dad wokeup and was hungry ofcourse n said he’ll bring food.

We all said lets go out.

Dad was mad cuz it was too late n he said no going out. I’ll et it.

Then he left after maghrib.

While leaving he asks what shall I do. So I said ill cook bcuz there’s one chicken. 

N then he said no ill bring. 

So I asked what shall I make?

Make rice….but mandi lao bolre na… to rehne do. Me laaletau.

Mom asks after sometime did u tell him at the chicken hawaiin salad?

I said no. I do not want it.

Mom sent dad a msg. Which he didn’t see till later. So he simply came home with the mandi. 

He enters home n says the same. I said its ok dad. I didn’t send u that ksg. Perhaps saadia did.  I didn’t want it anywayz.

Mom comes n asks him where is the salad.

Dad says the samething to her.

She says toh? Usme kya hua? Laalena tha.

Dad left in a huff to bring t.

Utne me bhi ladlere dono. Ab kyu jaare zidd bataane. Zidd nai bataaro me khaana khaane baitha aur tum bolre usme kya hai. M screaming babba I don’t want it I already have my food ready n It’ll be wasted.

 dad left. Rania ko daanti bcuz she lied yet again abt cleaning the table. I told mamma to hit her but she didn’t. Uske baad I said mamma u shudnt have said anything to dad. Look now he’s left.

Mamma ko chakkar aagaya.

I shut my mouth after that. 

Abdu starts eating before dad is back. Roki to naqre as usual.

Then alhumdulillah afer more than half hour he was home alhumdulillah.  N daztar pe abdu is saying ye to ghar pe bhi banaa sakte. So I said theek hai banaake batao.

Mamma yells at me for that. Sab cheez ke galiyan dete sahi me. Lekin bete ko kuch nai bolna. Bas ek male hone pe itna support milta usko. N usko wo baat ki khadar bhi nai hai.

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