officially done


Officially done hooing for a call back. Officially done expecting a quick wedding. Officially done waiting for that guy.


Because today I officially joined dams. 


I feel the broken quick marriage dreams piercing on the inside. InshaAllah it wil happen soon hopefully, but now there’s no sticker on it. 

Because I can’t put my life on hold for if he doesn’t come soon…whoever he is.

I know if kuch baat hui bhi…to it’ll take atleast a month to finalise eveything, and there will be atleast another months time for preps atleast on our side. And mostly theirs would ask for 2? That would make a total of three months. That would be any three months in this time and it’ll still be fine with me attending these classes.

N like mom said, I’ll leave everything to her and focus on on studying if that happens. Ia.


If khudanakhaasta it doesn’t. .. .then, well.

I’ve joined here and my sole intention is to keep going  to study like no other inshaAllah.  May Allah taala bless me in my endeavours aameen. 

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