4th sep, sitting in ent class at rtc x roads


My back and legs are hurting soo much…it’s getting harder to ignore it. The seats are good, not even like in the auditorium, and there is a writing plate too.
Shabana says it’s probably due to the heat. She’s pretty much sure that’s the reason.

But I’m not so sure. Amd it’s going up by the minute. So much so that I imagined calling mom and telling her like shabana would have had it been her.
But honestly, I only thought about it for like only a second. I can practically hear mamma’s anger. Ki itni si baat pe kyu call karre. And screaming asking ki kya hogaya?!?! And if I say bohot darad hora… she’ll definitely say, pagal potti dimagh kharaab kardi. Jeene nai dere pottiya. She myt eevn fall sick because of the temporary worry.

I wish I had someone to complain to is all I’m saying. I feel alone only at times such as these.

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