I love that word. I genuinely do. Not laughingly, like niloudi suggests I say everything computing to love and hate. 🙂

I’ve been quite well occupied these past few days. Joining The library at NIMS has been a pleasant, much needed, and believe me when I say it, a much appreciated reprieve. There’s a silence there that is hard to recreate anywhere. A seriousness which is nerve racking in it’s impenetrability, and yet beautiful in it’s sincerity. I only have to look around to realise my competition, to understand the levity of the situation and to see there is only ONE way out. There is a door, but the steps, I have to take them. My parents can guide me to it, my friends can tell me about it, but it is I who has to walk them. Hard as they may be, far they may seem, but in truth, it’s not much. All I need to do is get up and start walking. And I can walk through those doors if I have enough strength and willpower in me to push them open.  InshaAllah.

And then I shall see the sun shining on the otherside.


I don’t know if amrutanjan is addictive or it’s reducing the threshold of my pain. I seem to be having a lot of aches and pains these days and I don’t know what to make of them. I can only hope they are only temporary and mean nothing in sha Allah.

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