I think there was a time that I garnered sympathy. I ws one of of those people who always had an underlying theme to their story, of you don’t know what’s it like to live my life.

Honestly, I still think that. Not all the time. .but sometimes. But you know what’s changed? Now I have the realisation that sympathy doesn’t change anything. It comes like a seasons greeting card..happy wedding day! But the preparation, the effort, the aftermath. .tthat u dealers with on your own. No one says, happy squealing over the little chocolates someone added to your present. Or in this case, sorry about the hundreds of nights you spend crying your self to sleep.

That’s the thing about sympathy. For a few days, we were drowning in it. When we were still in shock…ppeople offered their sympathy. We just accepted it humbly.

But we need it more now. When it hits like an avalanche. So do you get what I’m saying is the thing with sympathy?  People do not believe you can mourn so long…tThey don’t understand it. So we don’t show it. We don’t garner it n we walk life on the middle road, unsure Of everything except this, that no matter how well expressed it maybe…ssympathy does nothing for you.

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