i know you are judging me right now.. hell, i am judging me right now. i don’t understand what happened. it felt like a dream.. it feels like a dream right now. that’s all i scored? is that all i’m worth?

i don’t know what to do what to feel…that was appg 2015. the exam i’ve been preparing for.. why does it feel so surreal? how can something good come out of such a low score…i’m not sure.. ofcourse i believe and have faith in Allah taala..

but if i had to be helped, woudn’t it be while i was marking out the answers? i did change one or two on a last min whim… does that mean i was going to fail yet again and aall my prayers, my good thoughts, my parents’ prayers, charity was directed toward this last min change where Allah ta’ala saved me from failing..?

how did others do it?

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