A very interesting thing happened yesterday.


Of course,  I always knew my father had it in him to be spiteful and vengeful, but that he’d turn his spectacular gifts of wordplay against Me, I never imagined. So imagine my not so great shock, because I’ve been expecting something like this since I turned 25, when he says to my mother, to search for any rishta abroad agar baahar jaana ka itna hi shauk hai to.

He was the one person I always hoped would never turn me away, but how much can you expect from someone whose inherent nature, we have all inherited mind you, is to backlash, and with immediate effect?

I never thought I’d be turned away by my father, the man who neercomplained about having five daughters.  I am beginning to understand the reason they’ve been quiet since a year is cuz they expected something would get fixed any moment, and it would still be below 26, the age at which nish got married. But now that half of 2015 is over, and in 6 months time, I’ll be crossing over to the other side, there patience is wearing thin,and all the talk of Allah maalik hai is going on to one side, and let’s say yes to whosoever comes has begun.

And therefore, here I am. Lost in my own house, which my family members are taking great pains to remind me isn’t actually mine, and my reprieve is over, and would I be so kind enough to leave with Mr.short-district-whosoever-verbally-opining-im-nt-fair-enough as long as they say bloody yes.

I’m heartbroken and lost, and I come to you, o Lord, cuz I literally have nowhere else to go.

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