My broken heart I free
Quietly beneath these trees
Upending my soul in the waters that run below..
Lost in the cacophony
Of winds shackled in the glee
Brought on from the pain I let go..
But did I really believe
That I could be honestly free
The ache is a mothership inside of me..
Never really gone, just hovering around
Although I pretend otherwise..
What would happen if you stay, I know
Temporary bliss and more hurting egos
You and I aren’t meant to be..
Yet it hurts to unbelieve.
I can’t breathe to lose you
I can’t live with you
I’m not jealous of another woman’s arms around you.. believe me..
Just hurting that they’re gone from my own..
How many times can I hurt the same old wound..
The scab settles and I callously remove
It bleeds again and again and never heals
What does this mean
About you and me..
Or just me.

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